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With the conclusion of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.  Our OTP had a beautiful ending and all.  But what about our mysterious, honorable and gentle Shifu?  The esteemed God of War.  He definitely deserves his own epic love story.  As a fan of the 3 lives, 3 lifetimes series, this is where I come in.  Introducing fan fiction.  Trivial Love: Mo Yuan  & Shao Wan’s love story & tragedy.  This is first for me at trying my hand on ancient Chinese style of a story.  I shall add more as my journey continues for the new couple in this fan fiction.  Remember this is fictional at its best and I am not affiliated with the author.  Only letting my imagination and creative writing partner to depict what I think is a love story worth witnessing.


Chapter 3: The. Same

Chapter 3: The Same

Mo Yuan watched her approached him. He spoke up first. “I cannot imagine you would ever be one to be vague and shy. Why did you make me wait for you as you have always been spontaneous and impatient?” Mo Yuan took in the appearance of this High Demoness in front of him as he waited for her response.  But was he getting old and his eyesight deteriorating because to him, she didn’t look a day older than when they had first met at the lecture hall.

“You are right I am neither. Vague and shy, how long have we known each other?  Those traits do not belong to me.  But I just had other pressing matters to attend to.  As well I did just returned from the dead.  If you really wanted to see me then by all means do so.  The Demon realm welcomes all celestial beings, ghosts and immortals the same. We don’t have any strict rules when it comes to visitors into our realm. The more Yin energy coming through the better. Our realm is already dark and gloomy as it is. Do you see this outfit that I am wearing, it keeps me in good spirit. And I think I look fetching in it, don’t you agree? Speaking of clothing, did you discard all the ones in white that you used to wear so religiously? Looking at us now, we are oddly well matched in wearing the same colour.” She replied without skipping a beat in between.

Shao Wan looked him straight in the eyes. Her thoughts immediately went to what was briefed to her.  Was he really one that preferred the male gender? No wonder all those love letters weren’t reciprocated and his peach blosdoms had never bloomed. It does make more sense now. She smiled openly at him. Stepping up to Mo Yuan to look him over. She tapped his chin, the stubble tickled her finger tips. She giggled slightly, was it because of that or did Zhe Yan brew a special wine today? She didn’t know if she liked his look now or when they were younger. But wait was the man blushing?

Placing his fingers over where she had touched him, he went into lecture mode, “Shao Wan, it is not appropriate for a maiden to touch a man like that. Kindly keep your hands to yourself. I know the Demon tribe do not adhere to rules and decorum but we are not in your domain..”

Shao Wan cut him off, “You are still the same prude! So pure and virtuous, should you not already be married and have many grandkids? Who are you waiting for? It was just my curiosity in regards to your beard. I think I do like it. You do look less of a sissy than in the past!” She exclaimed with her usual frankness.

Did she want him to answer her? Thought Mo Yuan.  Mo Yuan looked at her in exasperation but realized she was up to her old tricks again to get him riled.

The same old Shao Wan. He calmed and with hands behind his back asked her general questions instead all the while strolling through the peach blossom groves. As she answered he couldn’t help but reminisce about the past and that they always had easy conversations between them. One can never be bored with Shao Wan around.

She continued to sip on the peach wine and tried to keep up with his long strides. Not realizing she polished off the wine and she slightly swayed, losing her footing and Mo Yuan had to help her keep upright.  In doing so she didn’t protest and rested her head on his shoulder. She didn’t think anything if it and closed her eyes. Mo Yuan’s one arm was around her shoulder. Was the woman drunk? Yes, he remembered she never was able to keep her senses intact, she was a lightweight when in came to consuming wine. Where were the other two? Luckily for him both Dijun and Zhe Yan informed him that Shao Wan sent them a notice that she was going to visit The ten miles of peach blossoms woods today.

He wasn’t sure how much longer he was willing to wait for her to accept his request to see her. He needed to know that she was okay. Her previous state before her awakening was no accident. He needed to help her regain her memories. But now he needed to find s place to put Shao Wan to rest as she had fallen asleep, still standing for now. During her slumber, she slowly raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck and proceeded to nuzzle into his neck. His blush creeped up from his neck, to his ears and to the top of his head. He felt warmer than usual. Shao Wan, do you realize what you are committing?

A cough came from behind them. Mo Yuan couldn’t release the vine-like grip on his person. She was now softly snoring.

“Mo Yuan, you did a lose a bride only last year but isn’t it moving on too fast and taking advantage of a sleeping beauty a little shameless?” Dijun teased and smirked at the blushing God of War.

Zhe Yan added to the teasing, “He has to start wooing now as the next auspicious time is in 699 years from now. We know in the past, do we not Mo Yuan, that suppressed feelings will get you nowhere.”

The two laughed and left, stating that they will allow privacy for the new couple.

Chapter 2: Stone Face

Chapter 2: Stone Face

Lin Fong finally finished his reporting on what occurred over the past 140,000 years. The first 70,000 years there was nothing out if the norm but the last 70,000 almost ended the worlds.

“You said there was a war between all the realms 70,000 years ago? Even after the last one? This is getting very mundane and repetitive. The Ghost tribe was indeed ambitious but look now what they’ve accomplished, created their own demise. That Stone Face almost died as well you say? So I wonder whatever happened to staying out of it if it is not necessary and he was front and centre for this war? Did he finally choose beauty over peace? What?! He got involved because of his disciple, so my impression were correct, they are indeed too sissy! Loving a man isn’t unusual but for Stone Face it is indeed interesting. Too bad I wasn’t around to witness that!” Exclaimed Shao Wan as she listened from start to finish the recollection of the thousands of millennia which have passed during her supposed death.

She knew that she was dead to the world in the past but now awakened from her deep sleep, she tried to recall what had exactly happened to her, for her to be in that comatose form for so long. Upon awakening, her Demon clan survivors were shocked to say the least that their Ancestor came back to life. Even more so she didn’t seem to have aged. Her youthfulness was flawless. Yet she far surpassed the age of 300,000. Was this what you would call a beauty sleep?

Shao Wan chewed on the roasted pheasant placed before her with the other various dishes brought forth as a banquet feast in celebration of her return. She had stated she was famished upon her awakening and so her clan gathered to witness the Ancestor in person and quickly prepared the heaping plates of fancy fare for her. The current Demon King was from her understanding, was a self appointed ruler but all is fair in battle. The strongest, smartest and ambitious will become king. She had her time as a ruler and glad she was no longer responsible for the Demon realm. But what was it that refused to come to the surface from her memory? She felt is was very important but dismissed it regardless. Everything was finally at peace and treaties have been enforced by that Stone Face, she assumed.

She thought nothing more if it and asked for a bath to be drawn and a change of clothes. The brightest yellow almost shimmering like pale gold was chosen as her outfit today. Her ladies in waiting sat patiently in rows, side by side for a total of 18 outside of the hot springs’ compound. She soaked in the secluded hot springs, found only in the underground realm. In her solidarity she decided to take a nap.

Afterwards she needed to confirm a few things with her younger brother, Shao Wei. He was the Great General of the Demon Realm. Why he chose not to become the next ruler was not known to her. But her younger brother was always more of the behind the scenes sort of character.

Shao Wei entered his sister’s chamber. Looking at her it seems he should be the elder. Her deep sleep and disappearance did her justice and he can also feel the aura of immense power she wielded. Although she didn’t seem to care if she had this immense Yang energy within her. Shao Wan was alive, he took over as the High General of their demonic army in fear that their current ruler wanted to obtain more power and take reign over Heaven and Mortal world. The divided ambitions of the two major clans within the Demon tribe was becoming harder to contain. Hence he became the median between them.

“Shao Wan, right now I am able to keep the gossips brewing about that some unknown energy has become uprooted in our underground world. The Celestial tribe wants to launch a full investigations to confirm if it’s evil or just an unknown energy. It’s only you but when do you want to announce your awakening? You’ve been meditating to calm your meridian points for almost one year now. We cannot keep it low profile anymore. And the task you’ve provided to me to relay your cryptic message to Mo Yuan has been delivered. He has asked me each month when you will accept his visit?”

Shao Wan thought over her brother’s words. When she first awakened she felt fine and act as if everything was normal but after her time in the hot springs, she collapsed from the inner energy as if she was being burned alive by the flames of crimson fire. With the utmost excruciating pain attacking her insides, she had no other choice but to temporarily freeze her pressure points to relieve some of her pains. The Pill master for them, Hso Min advised no pill he could create can cure her. She just needed to calm her energy with meditation. But that was still a temporary fix.

“Tell him to wait for my response in another few months. I have urgent matters to see with Dijun and Zhe Yan.” She replied and proceeded to leave.

The two high gods looked over their young visitor, yet she was only a few hundred years younger than them.

“What did you use as a negotiating tool to obtain your beauty and youth? Sleeping causes one to age backwards? I have lived for so long and this is a first. Has Mo Yuan visited? I know he will not say a thing when it comes to you but I wouldn’t be surprised if this does it.” Dijun commented. His eyes twinkled at Shao Wan’s response.

“Do you really think Stone Face will react, we have all known each other for so long, I think you give too much credit to him.” She retorted.

” I disagree Wan Wan, as the oldest Phoenix here, there will be great changes to things and gods.” Zhe Yan chirped in. “But what have you been through the past year, let me take your pulse.” He reached out and listened carefully.

Shao Wan didn’t flinch to his touch, “Only because you’ve hatched before me that I will not challenge you with your status. You have aged, the both of you, but still I am glad our friendship remains the same.”

She saw Zhe Yan brows furrowed, was something wrong with her? He then smiled.

“Dijun pass on some of Buddha’s scriptures for her, maybe another 700 years and she will be ready to join our enlightened state. As long as she doesn’t fall asleep again in between”. The two men laughed all the while Shao Wan made a face. Scriptures had always bored her to tears.

She asked for some peach wine and took a scroll to read in the woods, she didn’t want to speak with them any longer. As she found a spot to enjoy the wine and start to read, there stood a tall man, back to hers attired in dark mustard coloured outfit and his hair bound tight above his head. Her reaction turned cold. As he turned around she finally came to face to face with Stone Face, Mo Yuan.

Chapter 6: Mortal Lover

“Shao Wan, wake up.  It is a bit indecent that you can never hold your wine.  I accept that your words ring true but right now am I not allowed to mope?  Alright let me move you, sleep….my fire Phoenix.”

Mo Yuan stepped away and poured what remained of his wine into the pond.  There wasn’t anything to gain to become drunk and having feelings of sorrow.  Regardless what status he held, he would always consider the well-being of everyone.  He planned to build a better combat system to help strategize the best plan of action if battle was to ensue.  Lately there were rumblings of certain rebels within the Demon clan not wanting to abide by Heaven’s rules.  They were the current victor and held the power to oversee the balance of good versus evil.

Shao Wan woke up the next morning, that Stone Face actually dare to label her as evil?  And left her alone in the woods?  Indeed, she will no longer try her hand in meddling and sympathize with him.  Really truly his actions fitted his nickname.  But with her fuming she noticed the covered plate, a cup of hot tea and a note.

“Thank you for reminding me as to who I am.”

Shao Wan smiled to herself.  Not an apology but a meal, this was acceptable enough.  She proceeded to enjoy her morning meal unbeknownst to her, the concerned man still watched over her welfare.

Mo Yuan with his gentle smile watched the youthful Phoenix enthusiastically consuming the plate he arranged for her.  He wasn’t much of a chef but Shao Wan was not one to be particularly fussy since he has known her.


That was the past.  Shao Wan was disappointed back then but now she couldn’t be bothered with the emotions and flippant ego of the male gender.  She was officially relinquished of her role as the leader of her tribe and now was free to roam and do as she pleased.  Thinking of which it had been too long since she has last visited the unpredictable realm of the humans.  A visit may need to be arranged maybe it would help with the current mood she has been in.









Chapter 5: Too Good Too Bad

Shao Wan stomped back into the Demon realm.  Her brother saw the dark look she gave to whoever dared to make eye contact with her.  She never felt both so embarrassed and furious at the same time!  Not taking notice that her fingertips were starting to ignite into flames.  Who was he to not give her respect as one of the eldest female Phoenix in this era?  What was so at a disadvantage of marrying into her Demon Realm?  Actually why should she feel upset that he didn’t jump up with excitement with her suggestion as a potential bride even if she did so in a panic and blurted it out as a suggestion.  Even though on her part as a jest at first.  Mo Yuan should still act honoured and not be his typical Stone Face self.

“What or who was it that put my beautiful and enchanting sister in such a foul mood?  Should we rage war this instant?” Teased  Shao Wei.

She glared at her brother, “It is no one of importance.  But really why am I not considered a good candidate for a bride?”

That almost made Shao Wei spew out the hot tea he was sipping during that moment.

“My sister has an interest for a man, after so many many millennia.  That deep sleep really did wonders, but that in itself is indeed good news and once you marry I can finally find me a wife too.” Shao Wei was enjoyingly happy to tease his elder.

“Don’t blame me that you decided to be immune to the ladies charms in our realm, what is it with the men lately?  There’s so females and many wanting attention from you but no, you, our Great General only have the heart to be valiant and fierce in battle and not in matters of the heart” She responded.

Shao Wei couldn’t deny his sister’s words but this new discovery that she was actually considering marriage should be delved more deeply.  Who has truly caused her to become this angry?  The only other Immortal he could think of in the past was, Mo Yuan.

He remembered.  When was it the last time Shao Wan came back to the realm and had angry tears?  It was when Mo Yuan had been drunk due to the fact he was passed for the next Celestial tribe’s King and ruler.  He harshly stated the fact that he was on the too good side and she will forever be the too bad side; forever this has been between the two realms.  Shao Wan was never one to take offence with words or anyone but that day when she actually showed a little sympathy for the Stone Face classmate but received his insult instead.   Mo Yuan was keen on becoming the next Heavenly Lord but his father thought it was best to give the throne to Dijun.  He was more fair and able to understand the grey areas.  Mo Yuan was too black and white.  And First Heavenly Father hoped that his son would fair better as the God of War.  His ability best showed in strategizing and not allowing room for errors; with that ability he will be able to plan and win wars with less impact of causing massive loss of lives.  During this time, being young and prideful Mo Yuan didn’t understand his own father’s reasoning.  He nursed his sorrow and disappointment at peach blossoms woods with Zhe Yan’s wines.  Shao Wan came upon him staring into the darkness of the night, the pond looked smooth and only the full moon  showed it’s reflection.

She cleared her throat knowing he was lost in thoughts and didn’t heed her presence. The Stone Face young man was no longer acting like his usual frigid demeanour.  She overheard his father discuss his decision with the elder immortals as she was making her way up to visit the lotus pond.  Father Immortal said she can visit anytime and because she wanted to replicate the scenery in the Demon realm she did come to sketch often, it allowed her to both relax and improve on her painting skills.  Heavenly Father and Mother never treated her as an enemy or beneath them, and she was part of the young elite gods with great potential to be High Gods.

“I heard that being a King isn’t all that grand or special.” She started off the conversation, “so many rules and regulations and no freedom to do as you please.  As well if you are bothered by someone, you cannot make them disappear to nothingness.  What fun would that be?”

He he didn’t respond.

She continued to speak and helped herself to one of the bottles in front of him.  Zhe Yan just started brewing wine as a hobby but even if it wasn’t strong, her ability to drink was weak.

“Anyways you should consider the new title of Hod of War and if you are in need we can create mock battles, our generals are too bored nowadays.  Although there is one that so have to be careful of, he is more keen on a real one but nothing that I cannot handle.”

“Shao Wan, why are you here?  Did you know that I am no longer the favoured one.  I  his son but that doesn’t mean anything…”

She cut him off, “would you really accept it and believe you came into power only  because you were his son?  Did you not tell me that everything must be earned? Are you sure Dijun didn’t work just a bit harder than you to deserve this title?  Don’t be like that, if you desire it, it will eventually be yours maybe not now but next time.”

“You and Dijun, of course you would support him.” Mo Yuan continued to drink his sorrow away.

“Yes!  He was the first to support me so therefore I shall return that favour!  You think you are too good for me?  Maybe I am too bad for you to handle!  Let’s drink!” She spilled a little bit of wine as she tried to clink their wine bottles together.

“Shao Wan, are you drunk?” Mo Yuan looked at her flushed face.  She beamed at him.

“Indeed, as I am too good and you are too bad..” He replied as she slowly closed her eyes and rested her head on his lap.

She smiled up at him, “If I follow you to be good then will I be happier than how I am now?  You should be bad sometimes, so much freedom you see and no one to be accountable to”





Chapter 4: I owe you a bride

Shao Wan opened her eyes slowly and stared up into the brightly lit sky full of stars.  She briefly forgot where she was.  In the middle of the ten miles of peach blossoms woods she rolled over onto her back to get a better view.  That’s right Zhe Yan was hosting her this day.  She turned to a slight movement to her left, to see someone was watching her.

“You can never handle the wine but yet you indulge in it too often” Mo Yuan said in the shadows.

“It’s better to indulge in things rather than never to have not experience things.  I have no regrets.  Why? Did I do something that I shouldn’t have?  Did I do something untoward you oh honourable one?  Hahaha.  Have you been by my side all this time?  Always a gentleman, Stone Face.  What is it?  Do you not appreciate this nickname.  Please stop being so serious.” She teased, noticing how he looked shocked at her choice of name calling.

How long did she sleep for and did he sit there in the dark keeping her company all this time? That was Mo Yuan, as often as she got into dangerous adventures and dilemmas in their past, he was always there to get her out of challenging predicaments.  If he was not beside her then definitely somewhere close by.  Mo Yuan you truly are the epitome of a hero with a cold demeanour, she lamented.

“So tell me why is it that you are hovering over me, I am the elder between us. You do not need to worry that I will cause any more distruption to the peace of all tribes and realms at present. I have only come back recently, what sort of disruption can I create?” She asked.

“You may be older by a few thousand years Shao Wan but I have the responsibility of keeping the peace between all tribes and realm.  Your reappearance had all of us wondering how that is possible.  Do you remember why you had disappeared that many years ago?” He replied and set the question to her.

Shao Wan shook her head in response, she couldn’t recall.  Her memory was blank.

Shao Wan looked up to see Mo Yuan was now in front of her, searching into her eyes as to make sure that she was indeed the same Shao Wan that left the three high Gods in stitches and worried about her drastic disappearance.  She was never one to blush but with his closeness now she had to step back from him.

Changing topic, “Oh I remember now that a year ago you were to marry.  Was it because my awakening that I unintentionally cancelled your wedding and marriage.  Whatever became of your bride?” She asked wanting to change the mood between them.

“Shao Wan you owe me a bride.” He said those words in all seriousness. The quick smile and disappearance of it caused Shao Wan to question his intent.

Shao Wan almost spit up blood when she heard Mo Yuan and repeated his words, “I owe you a bride?!”

“How am I the one responsible for your loss of a wife?  I only just came back from the dead.” She regained her senses.

In response, he replied, “The disruption at the base of Mount Kunlun caused the bride to be unable to bypass and attend to her wedding therefore the auspicious day was wasted. Now I will have to wait until another 700 year until another auspicious day occurs” Mo Yuan looked at Shao Wan.  He knew her mind was scrambling to find an excuse to not take responsibility.  That was always her way, stubborn to the end to never admit fault or defeat.

Shao Wan rolled her eyes causing Mo Yuan’s brows to raise.

“If you had married sooner then my awakening wouldn’t have ruined anything.  Clearly it’s your own stubbornness to commit and have children, in my opinion it is on your doorstep.”

Mo Yuan chuckled by surprise. “You want to put the blame on me?  What sort of logic is that?”

Shao Wan grumbled back,”Same logic you used to guilt me in producing a new bride for you!  I don’t know anyone and it’s been too many millennia to know who is who anymore.  At this rate I might as well offer myself!”

Mo Yuan stopped laughing and Shao Wan proceeded to laugh hysterically.

“Do you think you and I are even remotely compatible?  It’s like Zhe Yan and me!  Impossible!” Shao Wan walked away.

Leaving Mo Yuan in his state of shock with her outburst.



INTRO: Trivial Side of Love A Fanfiction: Mo Yuan & Shao Wan

DISCLAIMER:  My apologies in advance for not being familiar with Chinese names and meaning.  This is only a fan fiction.  I only know of the main characters names of Shao Wan and Mo Yuan.

“Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love; it is the faithless who know love’s tragedies” Unknown.

The chariot carrying the Immortal bride was set on its journey to Kunlun Mountain. Along the way the landscape showed a long horizon of a pristine calmness on the lake.  It was clear and bright on the surface. The early morning dew for this auspicious day was dispersing as the first ray of light appeared. Its beauty causing a reflection upon the crystal clear lake. The lady, calm and feeling very joyful that fate allowed her to become his bride. She was to marry the greatest and most honorable of men, the God of War.  Mo Yuan.

Then all of sudden, a great rolling sound of a piercingly loud thunder and strikes of lightning bolts flashed through the now dark and ominous sky that was no longer clear or blue just moments ago. The ground shook and the chariot became immobilized.  Who and what would dare to obstruct the matrimonial procession taking place?  The bride opened the curtain to inquire what was happening?  The chariot no longer moved.

The madam shook in fear with no answer, today was to be an auspicious day but this unforeseen disaster has occurred.  The soldier in front reported back that loose rocks, the size of boulders and heavy stones have tumbled creating a barricade.  Even with the use of magic there was also an unknown source of greater power, creating an invisible barrier around them that they couldn’t penetrate.  They were unable to have access to Kunlun Mountain and within the hour the auspicious time will be gone.  Therefore the wedding has been postponed and not to conclude.

Atop Kunlun Mountain.  A man stood, he only can be described as a handsome but stern of face.  With a deep pool of dark eyes, mysterious to others when it comes to his thoughts.  He listened calmly to his oldest disciple relaying the chaos happening below.  The bride was unable to proceed further.  Rocks and rubble obstructed the path.  Due to strong lightning bolts which have struck down the rocks and stones causing the delay or even cancellation of his marriage ceremony.  Mo Yuan turned to his disciple in response to what was relayed to him.

He asked, “Has anyone checked to see if there’s any sign as to if anyone may have contributed to this?” His disciple looked confused.  It has been so many years now since their last battle between the Ghost tribe and the 9 seas and heavens realms had occurred.  Who would dare to seek trouble with the Kunlun Mountain clan?  Mo Yuan turned to go and as well to change out of his groom’s attire.  There will not be a wedding today after all.  Zhe Yan has foretold that if the auspicious time has past without a marriage then it will not to be.  Another 700 years must past before such an occasion will be available again.  Mo Yuan wasn’t acutely concerned as it was just an obligation set for him to perhaps consider his duty to beget an heir.  It was a close call over 70,000 years ago since his potential demise when he fell into a deep sleep during the last war.  His scattered soul only able to be retrieved by the help of his twin, Ye Hua, while Ye Hua was in his soul form it helped collect piece by piece the fragments of Mo Yuan’s soul back together. And Seventeenth, Si Yin, now identified as High Goddess Bai Quin helped awakened him from his slumber as he had promised to return.  The almighty God of War couldn’t risk further delay in having someone to take over his reign.  Unfortunately none of his disciples have been destined to achieve greater cultivation to become a High God.  Therefore he couldn’t pass on the responsibility to any of them.  Even though Bai Quin was his disciple, she had the greatest potential but she now was the Empress of the Nine Heavens; happily married to his younger twin Ye Hua.  His thoughts of her left him in a natural state of content and no more regrets concerned.  One cannot fight the fate of love that was predestined for you.


“They said you were buried on the Demon tribe’s land but here you are ancestor.  Causing a grand entrance at the base of Kunlun Mountain.  Welcome back!” The  Master of chaos, Lin Fong bowed over to the young looking woman before him.

She slowly dusted the cobwebs and debris from her person.  Her skin with the pallor the palest of white, almost transparent to show her rose colored hue still lingering beneath, to give off her youthful vigor.  Her long black hair, had great length and settled in thick waves down her slender back.  She coughed lightly.

“What have I missed?  Are the 4 pillars still withstanding the pressure of war this time around?  I am famished.” Shao Wan absentmindedly commented.